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SC Top Rating for Astaro Security Gateway

SC Magazine tested Astaro Security Gateway recently and awarded the highest score of 5 stars in each sub category. Of course we are very proud of this result. But read the tester's results by yourself: "The Astaro Security Gateway is a flexible, full gateway security appliance that can be deployed and configured to fit almost any environment. This product is available as a full hardware appliance, software installation or virtual appliance. The Security Gateway offers firewall and intrusion prevention protection along with application control, web content filtering, gateway anti-virus, email content filtering and anti-spam."

"We found deployment to be fairly easy with help from an initial setup wizard. The wizard is launched from a web browser once the appliance is connected to the network. This utility will help in creating the initial network settings of the appliance, as well as establish a base configuration of the security policy. At the completion of the wizard, all further administration and management is done via the web-based interface of the appliance. We found this to be well-organized and intuitive to navigate." Get the full article here!

For: Full-featured security gateway with many deployment and configuration options.
Against: None that we found.
Verdict: A solid product that is feature rich and well worth your short list.

2012-03-02 9:23 by Joerg Schindler

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