Astaro Innovations 2010

New Recruits Joining the Astaro Product Team

Three brand new products will be available starting from the second quarter of 2010, serving to supplement the Astaro Security Gateway and allowing even more deployment scenarios. Introducing our new recruits...

Astaro RED - Now Available!

Reinventing Branch Office Security

Astaro RED
Virtual Ethernet cable to HQ
On-site setup in 2 minutes
Centralized configuration in ASG


Astaro RED is the easiest and most affordable way to secure your branch offices. You can centrally configure it via the Astaro Security Gateway located at your headquarter which automatically distributes the configuration to the Astaro RED appliance. By forwarding all traffic to the central Astaro Security Gateway, Astaro RED provides complete UTM security even for your smallest remote or home office. In contrast to standard security appliances Astaro RED not only provides stronger security but also slashes the total cost of ownership by 80% as there's no need for technical skill or ongoing maintenance at the remote site.


Astaro Mail Archiving - Now Available!

Make Archiving Email our Problem

Astaro Mail Archiving
Ready to use in 15 minutes
Unlimited storage
Find messages in seconds


Astaro Mail Archiving Service is the fastest and easiest way to archive your corporate e-mails. It is set up in less than 15 minutes after registration and instantly provides you with endless storage for an unlimited time, simplifying compliance with legal requirements. By forwarding all messages to the hosted archive you claim back valuable storage from your e-mail servers. With its intuitive Outlook plug-in, the Astaro Mail Archiving Service offers an unrivaled end-user experience when searching for messages. As it is fully maintained by Astaro and offers user-friendly handling, administrators neither need to waste time on recurring maintenance tasks nor to build know-how.


Astaro Wireless Security - Now Available!

The Secure WIFI Solution for SMB

Astaro Wireless Security
Plug & play thin access points
Easy guest Internet access
Uninterrupted signal all over the office


Astaro Wireless Security is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses in search of an easy and affordable way to operate secure and reliable wireless networks. The thin access points (802.11n) are set up quickly thanks to the plug & play functionality and everything is managed centrally through the built-in wireless controller in the Astaro Security Gateway. Astaro Wireless Security makes it easy to define zones or configure encryption. Internet access for guests is set up with a few clicks and thanks to fast roaming among access points users get a strong and uninterrupted signal all over the office.