Command Center makes building VPN tunnels easy, even if dozens of devices need to be connected, securely connecting business network together.

Site-to-Site VPN Configuration

Securely connect your company together.

No longer does making a VPN tunnel between two or more sites require an “information swap” by logging into each device and configuring parameters from the opposite end. This time-consuming, error prone method of configuring a tunnel gets exponentially more difficult for each site which must be part of the VPN network. Astaro Command Center makes building VPN tunnels easy, even if dozens of devices need to be connected.

From entirely within the ACC GUI, sites can be connected in moments. Simply indicate the devices that you wish to connect together using encrypted tunnels, pick from a displayed list of choices for interfaces and networks, and watch as ACC effortlessly does all the work for you. The VPN capabilities of ACC can literally save administrators hours of configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance by not requiring the tedious, manual steps of logging into each device and trying to match every parameter perfectly.

Astaro Command Center also permits editing of tunnels if configuration requirements change, potentially saving more time and money, especially in larger deployments. IPSec VPN has never been easier, allowing the SMB customer to create and manage this crucial part of a multi-site company without the pitfalls and expenses of other methods of deployment and maintenance.


Central VPN Configuration

  • Build site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Connect multiple sites together with one process
  • Wizard for tunnel creation
  • Edit/Delete deployed tunnels
  • Fully contained within ACC, no WebAdmin logins required.

Available Platforms
The Astaro Command Center is available on two platforms. The software can be run on a dedicated, Intel-compatible PC of your choice, or as a Virtual Machine within a VMware environment such as a VMware Player or VMware ESX. Both, the software and virtual appliances are available as free full versions.

ACC can be used to manage up to 500 individual Astaro installations and is designed for the SMB. Astaro Command Center lets you login and quickly get the information you need without needing expertise in security device management. Administrators of all levels who are responsible for as few as two sites can use it to ease management tasks, perform configuration, and provide consolidated information/reports.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Intel-compatible CPU @ 1.6Ghz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Best performance results are experienced when using hardware specifications at or beyond Intel Dual/Quad-Core CPUs @2GHz+, and 2GB+ of memory. Hardware requirements (including WAN bandwidth for the location hosting the ACC Server) will increase depending on the number of devices being managed.
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